Thursday, 13 April 2017

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks

Alex Jones is suspected of being Bill Hicks, who reinvented himself as the "evil Rush Limbaugh" after faking his death in 1994. Jon Ronson, the Jewish filmmaker who facilitated Jones 'infiltration' of Bohemian Grove said publicly that Jones is so hilarious, "he could be the new Bill Hicks!" Funnily enough, Alex Jones' producer is Bill Hicks' life-long friend, Kevin Booth and Jones received a posthumous award for Hicks on his behalf. Jones frequently admits/denies on Infowars that he is him... only joking of course, but the physical similarities are uncanny.

Like Jones, Hicks was a 'conspiracy theorist' and "would invite his audiences to challenge authority." His routine involved "direct attacks on mainstream society, religion, politics and consumerism." Controversial subjects close to Alex Jones' heart. Hicks took a particular interest in the Waco Siege and where he left off... Jones took up the torch for the Branch Davidians. That's what propelled Jones to the forefront of the alternative media, which he went on to dominate as "leader" of the controlled opposition.

Bill Hicks' stand-up material included demeaning "hill-billy's" from rural areas, for their lack of gumption. Alex Jones also does a great impersonation of country "hicks" when he is mocking dumbed-down Americans, who don't grasp the political situation. Old habits die hard! The only difference is the former did political satire, while the latter takes a serious tone. Ironically, Alex Jones' target audience is the same "trailer-trash" who can easily be duped by a fake patriot. Indeed, his attorney has admitted, "he’s playing a character,” said Randall Wilhite, "he is a performance artist.”

Sometimes Jones seems to revert to type, like when he got drunk on air with fellow shills Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo and let out a tirade of expletives, as was Bill Hicks want. They both also display moments of "rage" which vocally, are identical, but there is even more commonality between these two characters. Hicks is hailed as being a clever man with a high IQ, likewise Jones, who is very well-informed and seems to have a photographic memory for dates and figures, like MKUltra programming.

Hicks hinted at his imminent "death" when he ended his live shows with a mock "assassination" of himself on stage, "making gunshot sound effects into the microphone while falling to the ground." His eventual death was a rather sudden and low-key affair, but whether he staged it or not, neither Bill Hicks nor Alex Jones' intelligence can be denied, or their acting skills and ability to adopt a different persona. One thing is certain though, Alex Jones is no joke, as he herds the 'sheeple' by deception into the NWO fold.