Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Globe: Flatlined!

The Flat Earth is here to stay. It has given a new impetus to the stifled intellect and arrested development of individuals. Physicists. astronomers, mathematicians, engineers and even laypersons are applying their skills to disproving Heliocentrism which is only a theory, based on assumptions. In Copernicus' day there was no way to physically prove his hypothesis, because human flight was impossible, but science caught up with him...

In 1931 Auguste Piccard, a brilliant Swiss physicist, created a pressurized aluminum gondola with a high altitude balloon, to take him up to the stratosphere and thus, became the first man to see the world from above. At a record altitude of 51,775 ft, Piccard said; "It seemed a flat disk with an upturned edge. At the ten mile level the sky appeared a deep, dark, blue." Until the advent of Aeronautics, there was no other witnesses of 'space.'

Soon after NASA invented 'outer-space' in film studios, Gene Roddenberry introduced the Starship Enterprise to reach the 'final frontier' whose captain, in mockery of the Swiss genius, was called Jean Luc Picard. There is a 'New Generation' that has never heard of the original Piccard who soared to great heights, much like Tesla, who people today associate with a car. They have heard of Einstein though, who devised 'relativity' to support 'gravity.'

Sir Issac Newton pondered, "Why does the apple fall from the tree?" Because it is ripe! Next question! From where did the occultist Newton derive his gravitational theory? From the magician Johannes Kepler who stole his cosmology from the renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe, after he was poisoned. Brahe urged his assistant not to apply his geocentric planetary system to that of Nicolaus Copernicus, which is exactly what Kepler did...

The rest is history, a false history, based on a tangled web of lies to confuse us about our origins and destiny. Heliocentrism, in the grand scheme of things, makes life on Earth insignificant, whereas Geocentrism places us at the center of the Universe. We live on a plane, not a planet. There are only stars, billions of twinkling lights illuminating the firmament and marking time with their cycle, like the sun and moon, in their rising and setting.

The evidence for the Flat Earth model is mounting. Many people have done corroborative tests to determine the curvature of the 'globe' and it is found wanting. Landmarks in the far distance which should have disappeared below the horizon on the "spinning ball" are still visible with magnification. The horizon always remains at eye level no matter how high you travel which can only happen on a flat plane. On a globe, one would have to look down.

Newton claimed the world was an "oblate spheroid" and modern astronomers like Neil deGrasse Tyson agree, except the Apollo 17 spacecraft gave us a picture of a perfect sphere, the 'blue marble' taken from 28.000 miles away. It can't be both! Besides, nothing man-made can penetrate the highly charged radiation barrier in the upper atmosphere and astronauts attempting it, would be roasted by temperatures exceeding 2,000° Centigrade.

Three-quarters of the earth is comprised of water; imagine a still lake on a calm day, flat like a mirror... and then reconcile this with the fact that it is supposedly adhered to a ball, rotating at 1,000 miles per, hour, faster than a bullet... yet this motion does not cause so much as a ripple on the surface of the lake, while a breeze would. That cannot be possible! There is nowhere in nature that water can be seen to curve, fluid always finds it's level.

Scholars have done in-depth research on the Flat Earth model and made it available for all to digest. In the age of information technology, ignorance is a choice. If you are happy to live in fantasy world, with infinite planets and alien beings, you are deluding yourself. We and the myriad of life forms in this realm... all inter-dependent, is the only reality and it is unique. This self-contained world was made for our benefit, let's learn to appreciate it.

Although I have been a 'conspiracy theorist' for nigh on forty years and thought nothing could surprise me anymore... I am blown away by the magnitude of this monstrous lie which supersedes all others. To deceive the human race about something as fundamental as the structure of the world we live in, is beyond the pale. We can never trust anything that our leaders say again, on any subject. They have exhausted every last vestige of trust.