Wednesday, 17 August 2016

God versus Helios

If we have learned anything about the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy to deceive mankind that is... it's Satanic! They desire to eliminate God the Architect of our Universe from the lexicon of life and that is what the Heliocentric theory achieved. Our Creator no longer sits on His Throne on the Vault of Heaven, among the Heavenly Host of stars rotating around Polaris, above the Earth's axis. The twin lights of the sun and moon, regulating time and the seasons with their cycle, year after year, are no longer close companions.

Scientists say Polaris is four hundred and thirty Light-Years away, a yellow supergiant with about six times the mass of our sun, shining with the luminosity of two thousand and five hundred suns! This is taken as fact. Our World was born from a spontaneous and violent explosion which is still accelerating and hurtling us through infinite space at five hundred thousand mph. The mystical force holding the spinning, cooling globes in orbit is gravity. Or, so we are led to believe... but by whom? The Brotherhood of Freemasonry, replacing God with science, Copernicus, Galileo and Newton, and also that old fraud called Einstein.

It has been disclosed that the Masonic Smithsonian Institute destroyed tens of thousands of giant skeletons found on the American continent, to promote the fabricated evolutionary theory which makes us nothing more than apes and still Darwinism is treated as real! So, why wouldn't they invent a cosmology which makes us insignificant in the grand scheme of things and vulnerable to all sorts of dangers from 'outer-space,' meteorites, asteroids or aliens? The advent of television normalised this new science fiction genre.

It was Sydney Newman, a Russian Jew, who brought 'Dr. Who' to our screens in 1963. He was Head of Drama at the BBC when he produced the Doctor, a humanoid 'Time Lord' from an extraterrestrial civilization traveling through the cosmos in his spaceship, disguised as a police box, called the Tardis.  Then came the Robinson family 'Lost in Space' with their robot and 'Star Trek' which evolved into 'Star Wars' with intergalactic battles! Next, Steven Spielberg introduced E.T, 'Close Encounters' and "abductions."

Now we have cyborgs to deal with, Predator, Terminator and Ex Machina! The sky is the limit! No really... the Firmament is the limit, because none of these things exist anywhere outside of Hollywood. Sadly, people think it's a distinct possibility that they do, so when Project Blue Beam is launched, they will readily believe we have visitors from another planet. The perfect harmony of this realm called Earth, has been thrust into total chaos and our God is far removed in this cosmic fantasy. We had better look to the State to protect us from this 'outside' threat. I expect they will require an enormous budget...?

If the Flat Earth is a 'psy-op' as certain 'Gatekeepers' are claiming, then why haven't the proles jumped on it like a tramp on a sandwich? It tends to be highly educated intellectuals who are examining this theory, engineers, geologists and budding astronomers who are finding major flaws in Heliocentricity, which are more easily explained by Geocentricity. People are also referring to the Bible for answers, the last thing the Talmudists want, when they have all but extinguished Christianity! Regardless of who may have led us in this direction, the beauty of it is, we can verify it's validity for ourselves.

How can you prove the Earth is a flat plane? With historical research, a telescope and some basic geometry. Do the math! Above all, trust your senses, do the sun and moon appear near and of a similar size? Yes. Do you feel like you are moving at nineteen miles per second? No. Does the surface look level from above? Yes. Is the horizon curved? No. How can a tiny seed resist the force of gravity? It doesn't, there is none, it can float freely on air currents until it settles and takes root. Why do the constellations always retain the same positions if we are traversing across the Universe? We're not... that's why!

Henry Makow, in typical Jewish fashion, resorts to mockery and insults to defame Flat-Earthers stating, "the earth sits on the back of a giant tortoise" and "a lot of so-called “Truthers” are mentally unstable" -- while Sean Caiside asserts that they have failed to address what lies underneath. The Underworld, obviously! He says they can't explain satellites or GPS, when they have clarified that issue, with GWEN towers. He claims there is no photo of the edge, when the perimeter is clearly the Antarctic Ice Barrier, one hundred and fifty feet high, visited many times by explorers. Their arguments are weak.

"Igmor" commented about Cass Sunstein's "Nudge" technique for shaping opinions on the internet, he says,"Up until now on youtube, this has been most notably used for pushing the reptillian story as well as other bizarre new age conspiracy angles..." The Lizards didn't really catch on though, did they? He continues, "It has also been used for other topics such as global warming, zionism, and alternative health." Hang on a minute! Zionism and alternative health are not bizarre conspiracies, they are genuine concerns of the utmost importance!

He goes on to waffle about; "More anti-Christian propaganda was created in the seventeenth century when historians invented what is known as the Flat Earth Myth." He didn't provide any evidence for this, because the Flat Earth model has been in existence for thousands of years, pondered by the greatest philosophical minds in antiquity. It was the Heliocentric model which was proposed in the 16th Century and was considered an anti-Christian heresy, because it flew in the face of God's Word. The Church subscribed to the Aristotelian Geocentric view that the Earth was the center of the Universe.

Caiside asks, "What is the underlying agenda? Lumping Christians and Truthers in a divide and rule strategy..." But many "Truthers" are Christians, (and Muslims) so that does not compute. Everything I do is in opposition to the Synagogue of Satan and the 'Father of Lies.' Do not be fooled by his fallen minions, who would lead you away from reality with Heliocentrism, Darwinism, Transhumanism and all the other isms and schisms that we are beginning to realise are false. They want us to receive the 'Mark of the Beast' and to do so, they must first dehumanise us and separate us from our omnipresent and omnipotent Maker.

 "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer