Sunday, 14 August 2016

Famous 'Anti-Semites'

Many famous personalities from very different professional backgrounds have been accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ for expressing their opinions on Jews. American journalist, Helen Thomas did not accept the Zionist claim to Palestine and suggested they return to Europe from whence they came, she was ostracised for these views. South African Bishop Desmond Tutu condemned Israeli human rights abuses and called it an Apartheid State.

Tam Dalyell, a veteran Scottish parliamentarian, pointed out how the Jewish Lobby dictates both foreign and domestic policy in the UK, along with their US counterparts. Former London Mayor Ken Livingston likened a Jewish reporter who was hounding him to the Nazi SS, for which he was censured. Then he made the situation infinitely worse by reiterating that Hitler supported Zionism. Apparently, the entire British Labour Party is 'anti-Semitic!'

George Galloway declared his Bradford constituency an "Israel-free zone" saying: "We don’t want any Israeli goods. We don’t want any Israeli services. We don’t want any Israeli academics, coming to the university or the college. We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford if any of them had thought of doing so. We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel. And you have to do the same."

What have Jews done to warrant such rancour? The renowned philosopher Voltaire said, "It is the inevitable result of their laws; they either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race..." Playwright, George Bernard Shaw suggested, "Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and start being human beings."

There were many notorious 'anti-Semites' in the recent past - poet Ezra Pound, politician Huey Long, aviator Charles Lindberg, broadcaster William Joyce, industrialist Henry Ford and Captain Archibald Ramsay etc. They were all silenced in some manner; imprisoned, executed or assassinated. All these men simply spoke the truth, in a democracy where freedom of speech is an inalienable right. The truth is only “hate” to those who hate the truth.

Before them, throughout history men of influence and power spoke boldly against the wicked practices of Jewry and the peril they posed to humanity. We can't say we were not warned... yet after countless revolutions, two World Wars and on the brink of a third for Israel, we will not confront the 'Elephant in the Room.' The International Jew has caused the natural order to disintegrate in all nations of the world and actively seeks our destruction.

"I do not doubt we have earned in good measure the 
hatred nations entertain towards us." - Samuel Roth.

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